2012-11-04: Darling

An impulsive ride out to Darling with the Nav for breakfast at Brigs Barn.  Always in search of new gravel routes, the Nav changed the route a bit and we took the Darling Hills gravel road from the R27 (Grotto bay turnoff) towards Darling.  Quite sandy initially (and I came close to having a sand bath) but once through it, very scenic and nice to explore a road not yet ridden.

The rides have become a lot more relaxed as we thankfully don't have to wait for a red snail rider to catch up anymore.  A shorter ride than usual but at a nice pace. Weather-wise it was a cool and somewhat cloudy day but thankfully no rain.  Perfect riding weather!

Not much more to be said as the pictures below says it all!

Darling HIlls road via the R27
Road less travelled 
To the left Darling
Brigs Barn - Darling 
Stopped to smell the roses

Smallest windmill captured yet! 
Honda NC700X  - what a good looking road bike!
Milling around near Riebeek Kasteel 
The Nav found another gem of a gravel road between Malmesbury and Riebeek Kasteel
The Nav waiting up ahead for me
KLRs cooling off - does anyone know what this building is called/used for?
Emu Adams?  
There goes the Nav 

Distance: 250kms 
Time:    +/- 5 hours 

Safe travels everyone, till next week
"4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul"

About Darling - did you know?
Darling was founded in 1853. It was named after Sir Charles Henry Darling who came in 1851 to the Cape as Lieutenant Governor.