2013-06-23 Darling, Moorreesburg, Malmesbury & surrounds

It was good getting out on our KLRs after a 3-week break since our trip to Calitzdorp.  We were joined by Paul (Eish), Ben (Bushrider) and Tristen on his Dakar and set off from a somewhat cloudy and cold Blouberg for breakfast at our usual stop in Darling (Briggs Barn).  I am thankful for my newly fitted heated grips which definitely makes a BIG difference and takes the edge off a little on the colder morning rides.    

Riding conditions were awesome with a few tricky wet spots in places along the route.  There is nothing better than a ride in the countryside on two wheels to clear the mind.  

The Nav & Eish at the meeting point in Blouberg
The group - Eish (KLR), Bushrider (KLR), Tristen (Dakar), Nav (KLR) & the Ed (KLR) 
If you look REALLY hard, you'll see a bit of Table Mountain under the cloud cover to the left!  
Pretty, even from behind! I remain forever biased...
Breakfast at Briggs in Darling
Birdfeeder at Briggs in Darling - happy birds for sure! 
Bushrider & Tristen discussing all things motorcycle 
Spectacular sight of a flock of Blue Cranes on the Moorreesburg gravel road
Eish - someone should tell these farmers NOT to drive so close to a motorcycle - ooh eh eh..
Stunning winter's morning in the countryside - it doesn't get any better than this!
"When Wondrous Windmills Whet a Wandering Mind"
The biker boys stopping to enjoy magnificent views of the Swartland
The fascination continues....  Picture perfect every time!
Anyone notice that the Bushrider & Tristen did a bike swop for a few kms?
Slip sliding away.... Such fun!
Eish up ahead
and off they go......
a quick left towards Paarl followed by a quick right towards Capaia wine farm
The group having a leg stretch and enjoying the awesome views on the Botterberg Road near the Capaia wine farm 
Eish looking on in amazement as the Bushrider uniquely mounts his iron steed from the 'other side') - some have been known to end up on crutches trying the same thing...

Riding out on my KLR is such an exhilarating experience.  Each time I look forward to mounting up and hitting the road, burning rubber and adding kilometre upon kilometre as we reach for roads and trails few people have been to before.  The Nav and I love nothing more than letting the road lead us on to newer adventures and our adventures leading us on to newer roads.

Till next time, safe travels everyone

- Angela - 
4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul

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