2014-07-20 Botrivier Run with KLR Clanners (Cape Town)

Sunday 20 July took some time in the planning and the ride was suggested by Benn who lives in Caledon, and organised by the KLR Clan.  We met the Cape Town based crowd at Engen 1 Stop (Somerset West) at 8am whereafter we met up with Benn and Dual at the Highlands turnoff shortly after 9am.  The weather was overcast and cool, and the group of 6 bikes - David (Rolex), Ang, Jorg & Lilly (Cape KLR), Adrian (Freerad), Johan (Pannas) and Lodi (Seafury) headed off to Kleinmond via the coastal Clarence Drive.  Now usually, the superbike boys come whizzing past and must have been just a little embarassed by not being able to squeeze their 1000 RR's past a hard charging Pannas and Freerad on 650 donkeys with knobblies!

We met up with Ben & Dual and headed up the Highlands road and over to the old Houw Hoek pass for a very good (and cheap) breakfast at the Botriver Hotel.  The Houw Hoek pass can be a bit sandy and has a wash-away or two, so it was good exercise for the morning.

After breakfast we headed along the gravel van der Stel pass to Theewaterskloof Dam, and over the pass to Franschhoek.  It seems that Pannas had done one too many cute braking manouvres and almost paid an unwelcome visit to the side of the mountain after some brain followed by front brake fade.  Sobering experience - he was not alone as a hard-charging Freerad also had a moment on the pass.

We stopped at the viewpoint and bumped into Carl Metlerkamp of Tankwa Biking fame and a couple of mates returning from Arniston.  We headed home via Franschhoek and some gravel roads to Occultdale and eventually the beachfront at Table View for an ice cream.  What an end to the fabulous ride.  Nice to meet new like-minded folk - amazing how many are in the computer industry! 

Meeting point - Engen N2 Somerset West
Here's looking at you Rolex
The very visible Pannas on Clarence Drive 
KLR riders don't discriminate Jorg, you can park your Beemer a bit closer..
Lodi (aka Seafury) enjoying his first ride out with the Clan on his recently acquired KLR
Lilly doing what she does best... 
Rolex collected the 2nd group of KLR riders to join us on Highlands Road 
Last in - Benn on his 'blou kameel' joining us for the Overberg jaunt
The group on Highlands Road, Elgin
Rolex setting the pace, as usual
with Adrian (Freerad) hot on Rolex's wheels
The Beemer riders, a friendly duo
sneaking in a KLR selfie while I wait for the rest of the group to catch up 
Lodi (Seafury) 
Stopped to take in the magnificent view atop Highlands Road
a magnificent sight... and the views are awesome too!
Rolex wasting no time (again)
The followers in hot pursuit of their leader
Lodi taking it easy on his tyres (hasn't had a  chance to put offroad tyres on yet)
The beautiful Elgin Valley below
KLR + gravel = KLR heaven
Valley Road in Elgin
Pannas' view of the old Houwoek Railway track

Constructed by Andrew Geddes Bain in 1846, the twee spoor (old) Houwhoek pass/railway track is magnificent to ride this time of the year, or any time of the year for that matter
KLR riders having fun in the winter sun
The first railway bridge (to the left) over the Jakkalsrivier next to the old pass
Rolex and Freerad exiting the old railway track on Botrivier side
Jorg & his Lilly
The hungry motley crew
Botrivier Hotel
Did you know: A whole generation of South Africans were introduced to the town of Botrivier as the setting for their favourite TV series - ‘Nommer Asseblief’ (number please)
this one's for you Eish!
Putting my foot in it as Pannas tries his hand at creative photography
while I much prefer smelling the roses as I capture my memories
"Koffie asseblief"
This  Hotel has been around for a long time!
Interesting nooks and crannies
Jorg taking in the sights and sounds of the old Botrivier Hotel
this is a 'real' pub! 
the snooker room takes one back to a bygone era

Botrivier beer on Tap and Eish is missing it...
not quite the Heineken museum in Amsterdam but it's the real deal in Botrivier

by the looks of it, he's DEFINATELY a local and regular patron
Coffee + KLR Rider = fuel for more gravel
Who do I have to contact to get myself one of these shirts in 'copper' or orange?
The Nav leading the pack - Van der Stel Pass on route to Franschhoek  

Lodi & Benn on Van der Stel Pass
Pannas the "Sweeper"
thumbs up for a great ride as we meander through the Overberg 
Benn parting ways with the group
we took a left....
quick "on the go" leg stretch... Rolex waits for no man (or wo-man)

next stop, Franschhoek Pass
met up with Carl Meterlerkamp (Tankwa Biking) at the lookout point - Franschhoek Pass 

I spy with my little eye...
Beauty and the Beast
Pannas reflecting
said our goodbyes to Lodi and Jorg and made our way home via Occuldale
The Nav and Freerad enjoying the last bit of gravel for the day (Occultdale Rd)
simply irresistible - Eish - sorry Tim!
Life is Good!  

 Till next time, safe travels everyone

- Rolex/Ang - 
(team effort) 

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