2015-03-22 Wellington, Tulbagh, Durbanville Hills

If you have been wondering why I have not blogged any rides since December, the simple answer is, there hasn't been any.   Not because I've not wanted to ride, but because of my loyalty to the hubby as riding is 'our thing' that we do together. 
He took it upon himself to arrive home in November last year with a Yamaha WR 250, proudly announcing that this was going to be his wheelie bike.  Well, the little blue monster, as I aptly named her, spewed David off her back at the first attempt of a wheelie.  Thankfully this all played out in a grass paddock on our farm in Napier.  His story is that the back wheel gripped too quickly while he had the front up.  All I saw was the bike go one way and David the other, landing flat on his back.  Luckily he was wearing all his safety gear, motorcross kit, Leath body armour, neck brace, boots etc. He landed on his coccyx and writhed in pain for a few minutes until I got to him to help him up.   It appears he cracked a few ribs which took 3 months to heal up enough for us to venture out today.  The little blue monster has not been ridden since. It will apparently be used for 'dune riding' in the future... watch this space..#justsaying
We are currently staying in Hout Bay as we sold our house while we build our next and probably last home.  I call our stay in Hout Bay the 'birthing period of our new home' as we have 9 months to get everything done.  An exiting year awaits no doubt...
So, the ride started from Hout Bay, where it was gloriously sunny only to ride straight into a wall of mist just as we passed Llundudno.  Undeterred, we continued along the Atlantic Coast heading up to meet the group in Richwood. Having the taller screens on our KLRs thankfully prevents our helmets from misting up or being rained on.
We chose to do a mainly tar route to breakfast at the Winterberg Inn just off the R43 between Wolseley and Ceres.    After breakfast we parted ways with Erich and Ian who went back on tar while the adventure riders went in search of some gravel.   Never to disappoint, the Nav lead us along some spectacular gravel roads in and around Tulbagh and Wellington, making our way back home via Durbanville farm roads.

The scenic route along the Atlantic Coast turned out to be a rather misty one...
You could be forgiven thinking this was Misty Cliffs and not Llandudno
Good looking girl...
We met up with Erich on his Suzuki GSXR 750 on route to our rendezvous point
4 KLRs & a Suzuki

found this awesome windmill sticker and couldn't think of a better place. to put it... now I am chasing windmills for real! 
Erich's brining sexy back, yeah....
Yes Bestie, your blue eyed girl is also a beaut!
All strays welcome....
met up with Ian (left), the proud owner of a 27yr old Yamaha FJX 600, who joined us for part of the ride and Knoffel the car chaser who is recovering from a recent mishap
a firm favourite for breakfast - The Winterberg Mountain Inn on the R43 between Wolseley and Ceres
clearly once a working farm with the original mill stone now garden art
Ian's proud and joy - 27 year old Yamaha FJX 600

Morning glories unravelling into full bloom
Did you know:  The roots of morning glories are used in lucky and/or sexual charms (though apparently not as a component of love potions, because it is a strong laxative if ingested).  The testicle-like dried tubers are carried asamulets and rubbed by the users to gain good luck in gambling or flirting
Somewhere along Menin Road, near Wellington

Rolex (aka David) kicking up some dust
Pannas (aka Johan) hot on Rolex's wheels
Eish (aka Paul) mastered the meerkat move on his Yamaha

Pannas couldn't resist taking the XT for a spin... biggest grin on his face EVER!  
and Rolex found a gate...
farmlands in Paarl
I imagine the song in Eish's helmet is 'I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah.... " (earworm for Licky)
Pannas playing around on the gravel.. and he wonders why his back wheel is so smooth..... ooh eh eh.....
Erich aptly called this photograph 'evocative' and I couldn't agree more...  last gravel road for the day - Occultdale

Thanks guys for joining us on an awesome day out. It's good to be back and we look forward to sharing many kilometres and exiting journeys with you all in 2015 and beyond.

Safe travels everyone

"for some there is therapy, for the rest of us there are motorcycles'

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