2013-09-01 Riebeek Kasteel, Tulbagh, Ceres (Matroosberg), De Doorns, Worcester, Dutoitskloof Pass, Stellenbosch, Baden Powell

The Nav & I were scheduled to go on a "West Coast and Namakwa flower trip with Moto Adventure SA but sadly it was cancelled due to poor weather conditions.  Not easily deterred, the Nav decided that,  come rain or shine, we will be seeking an adventure of our own on our usual sunday ride.  We did just that and decided to go in search of a good breakfast in Riebeek Kasteel and then on to see the snow in Ceres. 

At Zonkwasdrift, we were met by a raging river that had burst its banks.  We turned around and made the 3km detour to cross the Breede River at Hermon and along tar to Tulbagh where we were met by a spectacular snow-capped view of the Witzenberg/Winterhoek mountain rage.  We needed no urging when Ben suggested we go via Matroosberg to get a better look at the snow in Ceres.  We fought our way through the traffic (everyone was out to come and look at the snow) and finally stopped close to the Matroosberg Private Nature reserve, which at this stage had been closed to the public where we were able to take some photographs and stretch our legs.  It was damn cold but we were warmly dressed and kitted out for rain.  My Oxford heated grips worked overtime and made my ride all that more pleasurable.

We made our way back home via Bo-Swaarmoed, took a right towards Touwsriver and the N1 to De Doorns where we filled up with fuel.  We stopped for a welcome cuppacino and lunch at the Shell Ultracity in Worcester and headed home via a very windy Du Toitskloof Pass through Stellenbosch onto Baden Powell.

Some photographs of our ride

Feeling like Michelin men in our kit - at least we were warm!
Ben & the Nav on route to Malmesbury
the only windmill pic of the day... surprise surprise!
Wet and watery @ Occultdale
Riebeeck River
The boys herding sheep

Lots of water around 
Slip sliding a-rain....
Someone hit the 'refresh' button...
Fun in the mud

Thanks Ben for getting my 'slow' water crossing on video... rather safe than sorry I say!  :)
Garmina says 'right' right?
Breakfast in Riebeek Kasteel
Now where did we pack the waterwings Ben?
The Breede River flooded its banks at Zonkswasdrift (Riebeek Kasteel)
The first flowers trying to peek out after the first rains...
I have to stop and smell the flowers.... 
Snow capped mountains in Tulbagh
next stop Ceres
here's looking at you Ben....
The Nav smiling for the camera NOT
Staying visible
Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she beautiful? Not quite a windmill pic but the snow makes up for it!
Lets go 'that way'
Snow capped Matroosberg mountain in Ceres
The Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve is situated on the farm Erfdeel, 35 km from Ceres, South Africa. The reserve covers more than 1000 ha of mountain area, and reaches the Matroosberg Peak, which at the altitude of 2249m, is the highest in the Boland. The Matroosberg Peak is about 250m higher than Sneeuberg in the Cedarberg.
One of my MOST favourite places to visit and photograph
the Koue bokkeveld is an area where the plains are harsh, the mountains high, but the area breathtakingly beautiful, and in winter, as cold as it can get.
If these walls could speak...
We took the 'long way round' and took a right
Fairy tales are made of this.... snow at De Doorns

It was a LONG day.  We did 470kms in total, most of which was on tar.  It was cold with a few rain showers as we started off our ride, only to clear to a lovely spring day.  We saw very few other motorcycles on the road.  Seems like we're not such fair weather adventure riders after all!  

Next planned ride - Canola run - can't wait!  Then Sani....

Safe travels everyone, till next time

- Angela - 
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