2013-09-29 Rondeberg farm (Malmesbury) family outing

We took our 16yr old daughter Emma (on her Honda 125) with us on a lovely road trip to our farm near Malmesbury.  Weather conditions were good, a little bit windy, but to be expected in Cape Town at this time of the year.

As this was Emma's first (longer) ride with us, we played it safe and stayed on the roads more frequently travelled.  From Tokai, we headed into the Foreshore (Cape Town City Centre) and from there took the coastal route via Blouberg and Melkbos, then via Atlantis back-roads to Philladelphia where we stopped for a bite to eat.  Sadly all the establishments were booked out and we headed back to the N7 and swung by the Wimpy for lunch. Reminder to self to ALWAYS book in advance in future!

Always the protective mom, I made sure Emma rode between me and the Nav so that I could keep an eye on her.  Not surprising, she rode like the little star that she is and even manouvred through a short stretch of sand on the farm.  Sand is NOT Emma's friend, as her first fall (thankfully not serious) was on sand and it scared her so much that she vowed NEVER to ride on gravel or sand again.  Well, today she did both and did it SO well that I am sure that she's regained a bit of confidence again.  (YAY!!!)  Perhaps next time we'll take her along on some of the gravel bits we love so much...

Upon arrival at the farm, we were met by a spectacular show of veld flowers on our plot (easy to spot as it's the only one with a tree on it).  We can't wait to start planning our next home and to live in this beautiful part of the countryside.

Some pics of our ride:
"like mother like daughter"
The Nav & Em enjoying the awesome view
That's my girl!  Emma loving being out on her 125

Table Mountain in ALL her glory!  Beautiful...
The Bryants @ the farm in Malmesbury
I LOVE this composition.... Spectacular blommies at our farm near Malmesbury
Our plot is the only one filled with veld flowers - what a beautiful welcome!
The Nav & Ems enjoying the magnificent views and solitude at the farm
Emma getting up close and personal with the blommies 
Panoramic view of our plot - can't wait to start building!
Pity I couldn't get my KLR in this pic :( 
The Nav & Ems - where to next mom?
The Nav - leaving Philladelphia
Ems leaving Philladelphia in search of lunch
and there she goes.... 
The usual afternoon ice cream stop along Blouberg Beachfront - No Eish in sight.... 
The Nav & Ems enjoying their twirly whirlys

Although we only covered +/- 200kms on the day, it was most enjoyable riding together as a family.  I hope this is the first of many family outings to come...

till next time & safe travels everyone

4 wheels moves the body, 2 wheels moves the soul

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