2013-12-20 Beaverlac

The Nav planned an epic ride for our last ride in 2013 and we were joined by Paul, Erich and Stuart, who like us, were looking forward to getting out into the countryside on our 2 wheels.  

Our route

The ride was a good mix of tar and gravel. We stopped in Riebeek West for breakfast and continued on gravel to Beaverlac winding our way up the beautiful Dasklip Pass.   Tucked high up in the Olifants River Mountains above Porterville in the Western Cape in South Africa, Beaverlac offers camping and cabins to maximise your enjoyment of nature. Situated in a secluded 5000 hectare valley surrounded by mountains, Beaverlac is blessed with two rivers, the Ratel (Honey Badger) and the Olifants. 

Day visitors are not really allowed at Beaverlac but the Nav negotiated with the owner to allow us to spend an hour at the campsite so that we can have a swim and promised that we would support the shop.  No guessing where we had our ice-cream stop!

After leaving Beaverlac and descending the breathtaking Dasklip Pass, we encountered an unexpected stretch of sand on route to Piketberg.  SIGH!  It was tough going for the less experienced riders but in usual fashion, we faced the challenges head on. Some parked their bikes in a horizontal position once or twice on the sandy stretches. I was certain that if the heat didn't get us, the sand would.  I am definitely respectful of sand and not my favourite terrain but I am realising that with time in the saddle, I gain more experience each time - let's just say that I am always chuffed that I make it through staying upright and coming through it unscathed.  Anything can happen and I choose not to be arrogant on my KLR... more like cautiously optimistic!  A rather eventful, exhausting but incredibly satisfying ride. 

some pics and videos of our ride  (apologies in advance for the quality of some of the pics.  relied on my GoPro and cell phone for pics) 

Breakfast in Riebeek West 
The bikes... KLRs mostly outnumber the visitors... birds of a feather park together?
Stopped in Porterville on route to Beaverlac
Paul's Drift doesn't only catch us on film...  poor bug didnt stand a chance!
Paul adjusting his Drift as the Nav looks on - Beaverlac next stop
on route to Dasklip Pass near the town of Porterville - famous for its launching pad for hang-gliders 
Video ascending Dasklip Pass on route to Beaverlac - our first but definitely not our last visit
Bikes in shade, now where's that pool
Paul & his KLR blending in well with the leafy canopy
and the reason for our trip to Beaverlac - the pool!  WHAT a welcoming sight after a really hot ride

Beaverlac pools - hidden gems and a MUST visit!
Beaverlac is a working farm, and a natural heritage site owned by the Olivier brothers. It is nestled in a deep, secluded valley in the Grootwinterhoek mountains, just above the sleepy town of Porterville, approximately 140km from Cape Town.

Our good friend Erich went from 'nerdilicious"  in 1977 to "bootilicious" in 2014. 
Heading back up to Dasklip Pass - eating Paul's dust  "Cough Cough Splutter Splutter"
Bye Bye Beaverlac

my little 'oops' in the sand...I wiggled it, just a little bit..... kept it up though!  
Stuart and I catching up to the boys up front - thank goodness for the shade.. was a scorcher with temperatures in the high 30's early 40's for sure!
didn't want Paul to feel like the odd one out with his camera on his helmet... can I just say that I LOVE my KLR!!!! what a beaut...
An exhausted Erich joins up with us - Stuart following in the distance
Mountain Creek Spur in Piketberg - WHAT a welcome stop.  Needed the aircon to cool ourselves down after the heat almost got the better of us

A memorable ride, with lots of 'oh #@#@ moments through the sandy patches.  Thanks David for planning yet another awesome ride.  Look forward to what you have up your sleeve for 2014.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2013 on our adventure rides.  I hope many of you will join us again in 2014 as we continue to find off the beaten tracks to explore on our 2 wheels.

Safe travels everyone 

4 wheels moves the body, 2 wheels moves the soul 

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