2014-02-02 Malmesbury, Mooreesburg, Langebaan, West Coast National Park

The Nav planned a ride along the West Coast as relatively moderate to warm weather was expected. We met up with the group at the usual spot in Table View (Stuart, Ben with a pillion (Kath) and Erich.  A Zambian chap was intrigued by the group of riders and scooted towards us for a chat with us on his little scooter.  He was fascinated by our motorcycles and told us that his scooter was his mode of transport and he wished that he could join us.  After filling up, we waved him goodbye and set off on our adventure.

The route took us from Tableview through Blaauwberg, Botterberg and Kalbaskraal on the old road to Malmesbury for breakfast. Cherry Lane changed their hours and is now closed for business on a Sunday.  We weren't too upset to have to turn back to the Wimpy, where you can most always be assured of good value and great service.  We caught up on riding stories over breakfast and the Nav pulled out his maps to get some more route ideas from Ben and Stuart for our upcoming Namibia trip.

After breakfast we continued on through some gravel to Morreesburg and down to the tarred R45 to Langebaan where we stopped for a welcoming cooldrink at Pearly's on the lagoon.  It was very windy and the kite surfers were out in full force.   Wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying what nature has to offer.  From there a leisurely ride through the West Coast National Park (a wild card avoids the R37 entry fee), followed and we made our way back home on the R27.  The wind was something else but sometimes to be expected when travelling along the West Coast.  I suppose it could've been worse, as riding close to coast more often than not means sand.... 

Today, the challenge was wind, something that I thankfully don't struggle too much with.   

All in all 363km with only around 70km on gravel. 

The Route 
The Nav contemplating whether he should take our Zambian friend's scooter for a spin...
on second thoughts....... 
Our lawnmower's fuel tank is bigger than this one

Ooh eh eh.. now where do i put da petrol in?
Honey, I shrunk the kid...  
Cath using her arms to slow Ben down as we wait for Stuart and Erich to catch up
He's here, let's go! 
Wimpy at Malmesbury for a hearty breakfast
Erich honing his 'stand up' skills on the gravel on-route to Mooreesburg- SUCH FUN! 
PLEASE can we go straight?  yayyy, we so do! 
Re-grouping and taking in the splendours of the Swartland, the gateway to the West Coast 
Erich sporting his new helmet
Big smile from Ben and Kath
Stuart putting his foot down
and there goes Erich.... still standing......  
my two TRUE weaknesses
made you wait, made you wait.....  this is what happens when I see a windmill! sorry guys!
The Nav seeking some relief from the sun...
I almost mistook him for a traffic cop - always lurking behind bushes they are.... 
Next town Mooreesburg
Refreshment stop at Pearly's in Langebaan
Did you know?   Langebaan has some intimidating wind speeds and as such have managed to sustain a large kite surfing community and establish itself as a leading town playing a vital role of the enrichment of the sport.
The Nav enjoying a coke float as Survivor Stuart, Erich and I entertain him with our biking tales
Cheers everyone, here's to enjoying yet another day of fun in the sun with our biking buddies
Ben reflecting
My FAVOURITE view!  minus the sand....
Law abiding citizens
Did you know? The West Coast National Park lies 120 km north of Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is 27,500 hectares (106 sq mi) in size. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the R27 coastal road, and runs from the town of Yzerfontein in the south up to the Langebaan lagoon. The park is particularly well known for its bird life and for the spring flowers which occur in the months from August to October, especially in the Postberg flower reserve section of the park.
We're in!  Wild Card holders get in free otherwise have your R37 entrance fee ready
Could Kath be the next Nav? 
Birds of a feather flocking together?  KLRs to the right... everything else to the left
The azure waters of the Langebaan lagoon has lost its allure -  low tide only thankfully
and off we go.... 

Till next time.  

Safe travels everyone 

4 wheels moves the body, 2 wheels moves the soul

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