2014 - February Scenic jaunts (Table Mountain/Cape Point) on our Africa Twins

The hubby and I each acquired our Honda 750 Africa Twins towards the end of 2013.  As much as I LOVE the AT for road riding, I am simply just NOT confident enough on her when it comes to gravel roads.  She is so much heavier than my KLR and it doesn't help matters much that my feet just touches the ground.  On gravel, this is not really conducive as it makes me fearful and the last thing I need is to fear my iron steed.  So, sadly, for this reason, we have decided to sell our AT's and stick to what we know and do best on our Kawasaki 650 KLRs.  No use having 2 motorcycles (KLR & AT) that we can practically do the same thing on anyway right?  Me thinks the hubby and I were just being over ambitious because 'we can'..... and I can finally let go of the feeling that I am being 'unfaithful' to my KLR!  (sigh of relief)

I will miss the awesomeness of the AT (power & sound) and not to mention the extra bit of oomph that my KLR certainly lacks.   As the saying goes 'rather to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"....   I am happy in the knowledge though, that she is going back to her first owner who just happened to call us a week ago to enquire whether we'd be interested in selling the AT back to him... Just shows you that life does come full circle, even for motorcycles...  

Some photographs of our recent scenic jaunts around Cape Point and Table Mountain
Red Hill overlooking Simon's Town in the distance below
Probably the last scenic photo I will ever take of my AT
ofcourse NO ride is complete without a good breakfast
Bertha's @ Simon's Town Harbour 
come on... smile for the camera!  No need to look so glum chum... breakfast has arrived! 
Family of Egyptian geese frolicking in the harbour 
FORTUNA-tely  for the lady driver of this vehicle, we didn't kick up a fuss because she parked in a 'motorcycle only parking bay' as she was at least walking her dog on the beach before 8am and no other motorcycles were being inconvenienced!

Safe travels everyone

till next time
4 wheels moves the body, 2 wheels moves the soul

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