2014-09-22 to 23 - Day 10 & 11 of our Southern Namibia tour - Luderitz/Aus/Ai Ais

Day 10 from Luderitz to Ai Ais - 466km

The first 300 was all tar to Seeheim and the rest all gravel to Ai Ais.  The wind had died. We were all grateful that nothing was stolen from the bikes overnight - maybe the 20 bucks that I slipped the guard actually helped - and pleased to get back inland.  Nobody was looking forward to the first 130km to Aus and after an early start and with fresh bikes, this went past fairly quickly.  We did see the horses, although cannot confirm whether they were wild or not.  Also, we were chasing breakfast at the Aus hotel which didn't disappoint.

We refuelled, and cleaned the KLR airfilters again and fixed Angies throttle grip which was turning around on its own.  There are many friendly travellers that strike up a conversation and we met a retired guy from Gauteng who was taking 2 months to see Namibia with a bakkie and caravan and a wife I might add!

The road to Seeheim was hot and we passed the turnoff to Bethanie where our tracks crossed from our first day in Namibia.  It seemed like a long time ago and we have learnt so much about the country in the meantime.  Soon after the turn-off to Seeheim you have to take a right that brings you to the hotel which cannot be seen from the road.  Jorg proved its invisibility by riding straight past (another blindspot?) and we only caught up with him about 70 km later at the Ai-Ais turnoff.

The hotel is an oasis and it must be good to stay here overnight (next trip).  We sat in the shade of the thatch stoep and had something cool to quench the thirst.  Lily was getting worried about Jorg and she and Stuart took off to see where he was in the Hilux.  The rest of us drank-up and got on our bikes shortly afterwards.

The road to Ai Ais passed quickly.  We didn't stop at the Fish River Canyon as this was the plan for the next day.  We did stop to mark the signboard at the T-Junction that leads to Ai Ais.  The last stretch down to the river is very hilly and beautiful with lots of animals to keep you awake.  We arrived at Ai Ais, checked into the beautiful, spacious "Luxury Chalets" made ourselves at home and went for a swim in the indoor pools.  That evening it was braai as usual.

Haus Sandrose in Luderitz
How the Haus got its's name - Desert Sand Roses 
Lovely courtyard leading out to bedrooms

We had to watch our step as Haus Sandrose houses a few baby tortoises - so small, the could be mistaken for a stone
Not the most inviting of towns
The number plate says it all.... 
Rick looks like he's ready to rob the Bank fo Windhoek
We arrived to a cold and misty Luderitz and leave it as we found it
Stuart had to do some fancy footwork in the bakkie to avoid this beast 
View from Bahnhof Hotel balcony 
The only hotel in Aus and definately worth a stop
Aus in the good old days...
It is apparently the coldest place in Namibia when it snows - looks like a good day in Sutherland
The hotel gets a thumbs up from the group 
Doing some maintenance on the KLRs
hmmm... my heated grips confusing my (Ang) throttle just a little

short video of the Seeheim Hotel

oooohhhh a windmill!
Ai Ais next stop  
emoticons all around 

We left our mark..and headed off to Ai Ais
are we there yet?  asks Lick

here's comes Eish!
Darth Vader rides a KLR? 
The Nav & Ang leading the pack
Arriving at Ai Ais

Day 11 - Rest day

we stayed at Ai-Ais and vegetated.  We visited the original spring where the water temperature is 65deg, swam, some of us went for a neck and shoulder massage at the Spa and generally chilled out.  No chance of a trip to the Fish River Canyon - we were all simply too lazy.

We were also thankful that our trip had so far, been without an incident as we were reminded that motorcycles can be dangerous as evidenced by the bent KLR in the garage. 

The guy was way overloaded and it also shows the benefit of having a bakkie as support. A few days earlier, we had passed a group of 12 or so KTM's with 2 back-up vehicles.  Now I realise that they will probably need them for other reasons but it is great to be able to throw your kit, water, food, spares onto the back and travel with a light load on the bike.

The rest of the day we read, caught-up on some sleep and got the bodies rested for the last stretch back home.  Obviously there was a braai that evening.

Its rather hot (65 deg) and the main source for the spring's water

Chilling outside our house 
ready to braai 'again'
Views overlooking the campsite 
outside hot pool
camping spots
The Nav on foot exploring the campsite at Ai Ais

Luxurious accommodation

Paul, Lily, the Nav and I deciding which massage to choose
Indoor spa pools 

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