2014-10-26 Caledon, Greyton, Franschhoek

It has been a few weeks since we last rode out on the bikes, and they demonstrated their displeasure by battling to start, despite both having new batteries.

We met up with the rest of the group (myself and David on our KLRs, Paul on his new Yamaha 660, John on his KLR and Sias on his GS1200) at the N2 1-Stop near Somerset West at 7am, and proceeded to head up Sir Lowry’s pass in gale-force wind and over to Peregrine farm-stall where we turned right off the main highway towards Highlands road.  The area is demonstrating how good it can look with many rose hedges in full bloom and new thick green foliage on the trees.  We hit the gravel at Highlands road, and stopped briefly at the top to admire the windswept, but clear view.

Our route took us past Karwyderskraal and Paardenkloof down a few tricky roads until we stopped for a brief breather in sight of the Caledon wind-farm.  The blades are 54m long, and it is a brain teaser to calculate the speed at the blade tips at around 20rpm.  

The farm across the way stocks a herd of bontebok and there were a number of young off-spring strutting their stuff.  Breakfast awaits, and we hit the road past Krige before getting into Greyton at around 10am.

Breakfast was at the “usual” Oak & Vigne which is the best in Greyton, and after a lazy meal we headed back via Franschhoek to Cape Town.  A minor incident at the top of the pass saw John’s parked KLR deciding to throw itself over onto Paul’s new XT660 which then followed the domino effect.  Admittedly this was greatly assisted by the stiff breeze, but Paul made a desperate lunge to catch his bike, and wound up with a nasty cut in his hand.  David pulled a hammie in the same pursuit.  Methinks Thululah (Paul’s KLR) is sending a message!

The trip home was breezy to say the least, but a good day was had by all.  Thanks to the Nav for a most enjoyable route, Sias and John for joining us and Paul for providing some of the entertainment!

Till next time, safe travel everyone

Sias on Highlands Road 
John enjoying the magnificent views of the  Elgin valley below
Paul looking good on his new XT660
The blue brigade 
¯Lonely, I'm so lonely¯
   (ear worm for Licky...)


Sias playing around in the mud in the Overberg (near Calendon)
Paul, the gate keeper
Paul getting the XT's wheels wet
Beautiful day in the Overberg
wind turbines in Caledon
Baby bontebok and their parents eyeing out the bikers 

so not my usual windmill pics, but these come a close second

Breakfast at the Oak & Vigne in Greyton

the Nav and Paul waiting for the group

Franschhoek Pass view point
Paul bonding with his XT

the boys comparing notes
Eish - Paul's  injuries after being attacked by John's KLR - Karma?

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