2015-08-10 Womans day ride to Darling & Surrounds

A Woman's Day ride? I asked the Nav.  To where?  To Darling, my darling, came the reply! I needed no further urging as the Nav knows that Darling is one of my favourite little towns along the West Coast, about 75kms from Cape Town.    

We met up with the group at Bonjour near the Tableview beachfront, enjoyed a cuppa and headed off to Darling via Melkbos, the R27, Mamre, with a short spurt of gravel as a 'teaser' in anticipation of what was to come after breakfast at Brigs Barn in Darling. Nic joined us for the first time and he and Stu quickly found something to argue about - religion.  Nothing sacred here!  Lisa (Pannas' better half) joined us for breakfast with their well-behaved 4-year old Mia.

As we were leaving Brigs, we were surprised by the newlyweds Ben and Fe who arrived on 4 wheels instead of their usual 2 wheel as apparently Ben's KLR's battery had given up the ghost.  Nice to see them either way and we waved them goodbye as we set off after breakfast.

Once Nic's bike was refuelled, we joined the eastern gravel route towards Moorreesburg, fortunately finding the right roads this time so avoiding any farm gates.  It was too early for the Canola "proper", but the wheatfields are really green and the scenery is beautiful. It was a few degrees colder than comfortable as we headed through Moorreesburg and took the next section of gravel towards Malmesbury, stopping along the way for a breather and a few windmill shots.  Paul found some long grass to lie down in.

After a little while, we resumed our journey towards Riebeek Kasteel, and decided to take the direct route to Porseleinberg as it was getting on a bit time wise.  We stopped again for a photo next to the crop sprayer before making our way back to TableView for the afternoon ice cream stop.  The Boland was calm and still with practically no wind, while it was howling at the coast.

It was so good to be out on our bikes again and we need to get riding fit for the trip to Lesotho in September.  Thanks to the group / team for a wonderful day.  Look forward to the next one. 
This little Hemidactylus frenatus almost came along for the ride - can you blame him?
We met up with Erich on his DR at the top of Constatia Nek - let's hope she behaves today!
A glorious day to be out on the bikes and what better place to start our Sunday adventures
Bonjour everyone

Stu on his XT660R enjoying the first stretch of gravel off the R304 en route to Darling 

Pannas leading the 2nd group :)

Paul on his XT, Nic hot on his wheels on the KLR and Erich on his DR not far behind

ltr Nic, Erich, Nav, Paul, Mrs and Mr Pannas & Stu
Cute as a button she is, Pannas's little flower girl Mia
The newlyweds Ben & Fe made a surprise appearance at Brigs - nice to see you two!
The Nav waiting for the group on the gravel just before the R311

Gorgeous day in the Swartland
and then there was a windmill....
...Summertime (well not quite) and the living is easy...(*song*)  Paul taking a breather in the long grass
Windmill on Biesiesvlei Road - the BEST windmills are in the Swartland - I would know!

Biesiesvlei Road 
My 'pic of the day'
The Nav
Pannas saluting Swartland

Haaskraal Road Wellington -  7.49 kilometres of gravel 

The motley crew ready for take off

Occultdale - sadly the last stretch of gravel for the day :(
Till next time,

Safe travels everyone
- Ang - 

4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul

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