2015-08-23 - Caledon/Greyton/Franschhoek - 346kms

The weather was somewhat inclement, but perfect for a ride through to Greyton for breakfast.  The rain was threatening as the group got together early at the Engen on the N2 grabbing a quick Wimpy coffee.  We headed on the N2 over Sir Lowry's pass and through Elgin to Botriver where we took the Hermanus turnoff, and the old road to Karwyderskraal.

The previous day's rain had settled the dust and the morning was misty.  We stopped briefly at the Paardenkloof turn-off to stretch our legs and to fix Nic's indicator which had rattled itself loose and semi melted.  It still worked - in fact Nic's other rear indicator also gave up the ghost a little later on the trip.  What are the chances for a bike that has already done 96,000km?

The road to Caledon was variable with some slow and some faster sections.  What beautiful green fields with the occasional blue cranes and little bokkies to be seen.  Truly a privilege to be out in the country.  We navigated through Caledon taking the road to Napier, and turning off to Krige after some 12km.  This section was quite misty but took the group through brilliant yellow canola fields up to the N2.  Speed increased as breakfast was calling and we high-tailed the last 18km or so of scenic gravel through to Greyton.

The Oak & Vigne is the normal breakfast stop in Greyton and they have done a little re-configuring of the seating arrangements.  They had an enormous fire inside, but we chose to sit out in the cool morning.  Breakfast was superb (as usual) and after an hour or so we left for Franschhoek, leaving newlyweds Ben & Fe, to further explore the town.  We stopped at the top of Franschhoek Pass before heading home our separate ways.

Thanks to the Nav for the usual superb planning and to Jorg, Hennie, Nic, Pannas, Ben & Fe for joining us on yet another super ride

Hout Bay to Greyton and back - 346kms
Almost didn't recognise Jorg in his new (still labelled) kit..  Looking good!
Enjoying a leg stretch before the descent into the valley
The Nav's blue eyed girl on the Paardenkloof gravel road near Caledon

My KLR's bigger cousin looking sexy without her pannier boxes
Awesome day for a ride through the Overberg   
After a few bumpy sections, Nic's KLR's flicker decided it had enough and tried to escape
The Nav - First down the steep descent

Jorg leading the 2nd group (Ben & Fe, Nic)
Nic getting his wheels and heels wet - Pannas bringing up the rear
Pannas ahead of his friend Hennie

good thing Pannas is such a good rider, otherwise this could quite easily have been a Britney Spears moment
(Oops she did it again...) 
Hennie on his GS1200
Hennie wetting his wheels
Nic made it up the hill 
Hennie taking in the sights 
Pannas hot on Hennie's wheels
Thankfuly we didn't encounter too many gates on this ride 
The valley filled with swirling mist and clouds so low they nearly kissed the horizon
the group enjoying the amazing gravel roads in the Overberg 
like these Cranes and the Adventure Riders, birds of a feather, flock together
Ben/Fe & Pannas emerging from the misty Krige gravel road in the direction of Greyton
that skidmark to the left was my Britney Spears moment as I was going a bit too fast around the corner and had to swerve to miss the Nav and Nic 
KLRs in the mist

Our favourite breakfast stop in Greyton - The Oak & Vigne
ltr:  The miseries are... Hennie, camera shy Pannas, Nic, Fe&Ben, Jorg & the Nav
sadly the day has to end - last stop at the top of the breathtaking Franschhoek Pass
Screen shot capturing the only windmill in my sight today

Till next time everyone, safe travels

- Ang - 

4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul 

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